Gloria Dei has much of our identity involved with music.   Our services feature musical selections which invite the participation of all members of our church family.   Attend one of our Sunday services and you, too, will find yourself called to “Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord”.

Our Sanctuary Choir meets @ 7:15pm each Wednesday in the church.

The Dei-Light Celebration Band practices on Wednesday @ 8:15pm.

We are always delighted to add new members to our band and choir.   Have a voice?   Play an instrument?   We invite you to drop by and introduce yourself during one of our practice sessions.

Gloria Dei Concert Series is offered at different times each year featuring local music and regional acts in an amiable setting.   We typically have deserts and the GDLC fair-trade coffee bar is often open.     Our intimate arrangement is perfectly suited to render the acoustic sounds of the concerts.

We also host a monthly Music Therapy Class.   The Joyful Singers meet each 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6pm.   Call 972.530.8555 for more info.

I was hooked from the first Sunday I visited.   The music just touched my soul and heart.   I hadn\’t been to a service where so many people, nearly the entire congregation, participated in singing the hymns.     It really made me feel good.   Singing along made me feel like I belonged here.   I stopped looking for a new place to worship after I found Gloria Dei.