If you still think that Stewardship is about money, then you’re not entirely wrong, but you aren’t entirely right either. Stewardship is based on the faith that everything in our control belongs to God. That means everything we wear, our home, our car, our possessions, our time, the talents we were blessed with, our bodies, yes all of it!

All that Christ has asked us to do is to Love him and to increase his presence in the world. He requests that we share the gospel, love and help our neighbors, and pray for others.

He has asked for 10%, but sometimes that is next to impossible in our financial economy. We can do our 10% in other areas with more effort. We can donate more food for the food pantry. We can help the church with our time and talents. We can share our testimony with others and invite them to share theirs with us and then invite them to Gloria Dei to hear the gospel!

Hearing the gospel increases our faith and thus by bringing friends to Church, you are increasing God’s presence in the world just as much as if you had given a large donation to the food pantry! Now that sounds like something even the most financially tested among us can do! Our numbers are small but our love and support of each other and our Church are boundless at these times!